Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Weight Loss Solution In A Shoe?

Losing weight is probably a top priority for most of us. It has been a constant battle for many, experimenting with several different techniques. Many different ideas have been tested including joining a local L.A. Fitness, several diet books, ordering those late night commercial plans, and numerous over-the-counter medications. I have had many success stories, but none of these strategies lasted very long. The one thing I am a true believer in is exercise. Finding the time is the hard part, since I have a full time job and two kids to worry about, which makes it impossible for me to get all the workout time I need. I am finally pleased that I have found a solution that helps me shed a few extra pounds and stay healthy. It is a shoe called Skechers Shape Ups.

It is a range of footwear that has a lot of benefits for the body, one in particular is that they help burn more calories when walking. Sounds too good to be true that a type of footwear can do this and so much more.

The secret ingredient is found in the special sole design in the Skechers Shape Up shoe. They have a multiple layer rocker sole that mimics walking on a beach. Imagine what it is like walking in the sand and how much harder it is than walking on flat surfaces. This is what these shoes are like. What happens when you wear these as you walk is that more muscles are being engaged, which helps to burn more calories while toning your legs.

The best feature of this footwear is the ease of use. Simply lace them up and get going. A perfect time save which is especially important for me since I have a full-time job and two kids to tend to. All you have to do is put on the Skechers Shape Ups and walk. Simple, huh? I hope you don't think that these shoes give you a license to devour any food in sight. Buying a pair of these shoes and putting them on does not entitle you to super size your meal at a fast food restaurant nor take an extra large helping of cheesecake.

Skechers has made a wide range of Shape Ups to choose from. They have shoes available for both men and women, and come in a sneaker form as well as sandals called Tone Ups.

So if you are looking for an easy way to burn more calories, tone legs, and feel better, and don't have the time to spare for working out, give Skechers Shape Ups a try.

For in-depth information and reviews about the Skechers Shape Ups currently available visit Skechers Shape Ups. Discover the benefits of these walking shoes and various other styles like the MBT Shoes.

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